Putting Out Fires…

Our first week of training has been interesting so far. The company has started running us like we’re already a team, but I’ve only just begun training my wife how to drive a truck. I spoke with my fleet manager, and hopefully they’ll lighten up for a couple of weeks. Continue reading “Putting Out Fires…”


Full Circle

When I began writing this journal, I was climbing on the bus in Fort Worth, Texas, heading to Kentucky to become a truck driver. Now, after six months, my wife has arrived here in Kentucky to become a driver herself. Where once I was the trainee, now I am the trainer, and my journey has come full circle. Continue reading “Full Circle”

Headless Chickens

This week has been a strange and incomprehensible mess. It started off alright, hauling a load from Texas out to Georgia for Walmart. But upon delivery, they didn’t have another load for me, so I had to wait until the next day to pick up another load, heading from Georgia to Louisiana. That’s when the mayhem began… Continue reading “Headless Chickens”

The World Keeps Turning

It’s very easy to be disconnected when you’re living on the road. A lack of internet access and limited social interaction can make it challenging to keep track of what’s going on in the world. For example, I had no idea what had gone down in Charlottesville until a few days after the fact. When I did find out, I was shocked, and I realized just how disconnected I’ve become out here. Continue reading “The World Keeps Turning”

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